Аdvice and assistance in immigration matters in Ukraine.

ATTENTION!!! Study/Private/Business/Tourist/Hospital invitations

Study in Ukraine, admission from any university.
Transfers from any university worldwide to Ukrainian universities

Permanent resident permit in Ukraine in 2 years or in 45 days.

Extension of stay (and extension for visa on arriving for Indians/Chinese etc)

Address for students and residence (propiska) in apartments any district for 1/2/3 years and permanent

Legalization in Ukraine.
Solution of problems with residential documents.
Especially for people who have already finished registration (without deportation and new visa D).

Refugee status in Ukraine.

Working permit in Ukraine (without job).
Registration of business in Ukraine.
Identification tax ID number

International driver license

Ukrainian driver license

Schengen visa
Invitations to Poland/Czech/Lithuania:
Touristic/business/work invitation

Bank statements for your account with any amount (for private invitation, or embassy)

Cancelation of deportation and a ban for the entry to Ukraine

+38 063 616 43 83 Viber / Telegram / WhatsApp

Аdvice and assistance in immigration matters in Ukraine, for citizens of different countries and students in Ukraine

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